Last year’s stay-at-home order for Covid-19 gave me the opportunity to review older work and unfinished projects. It’s been satisfying to see prints which have been put away for some time. I’ve pulled together new groups of imagery and finished things left half-done.


The handmade books for the Hydrospheric Variations series are finished, including simple custom-size boxes. The smaller book, 4.5 x 8 inches, is an edition of 10 + 2AP. The 9-x-16-inch book is an edition of 5 + 2AP. A new group of mirrored imagery, Bruce Connor Made Me Do It, is finished and framed. At this point I have only made the one print of each and haven’t decided on editions or other sizes. A few images will work at large sizes but most want to stay small. I would like to keep the series of thirteen images together–and it’s ready to show.


2019 was an eventful year with installation of five murals at UC Davis Medical Center, a solo show at Peninsula Museum of Art, and a number of custom pieces made with the dye-sublimation process on aluminum. There were three online exhibits in 2020: Gray Loft Gallery’s Summer Salon and Winter Salon; Vessel Gallery’s autumn show, Art Is Essential.


In late 2020 and early 2021, I finished a new series of 58 altered images of clouds and granite, titled Daydreams. These images had been accumulating for several years and I thought of them as two separate series until I reviewed everything together and realized they belonged together. A print-on-demand book is now available and all will be on this website soon.




The Same Is Not The Same, with images from several series, was exhibited at Peninsula Museum of Art, July–Oct 2019. Listen to interview with artists Irene Imfeld and Charles Anselmo, with curator DeWitt Cheng here. Read the curator’s statement here




PHOTO Fine Art Photography closed the Oakland location at the end of 2015, after five great years.