Daydreams explores singular but substantially similar things in ways both usual and unusual. Everyone knows rocks on the ground and clouds in the sky. Concentrated looking renders the immediate (defining) response less sure. What, really, is a granite rock pile or a puffy cloud? Is it our idea of those things? Our experience? 

Much like one can repeat a word until it becomes meaningless, we can look until an image turns unidentifiable. Or until we recognize something there which escaped us until then. How are these things separate from us? What do we see in the sky or the land below it? They seem to manifest while we scrutinize them, opening as we focus on them. 

Then we turn away and the spell is broken, our part of the show fades. We move on to something else, wondering later if the rocks were upright, smooth, or blue? Were the clouds scattered, stormy, or black? Whether drifting in the clouds or anchored to granite, pausing to look with care can open to the unexpected.

2018-2021. Size variable. Ed 5