Fairies: In the Garden of the Night

The rhythm and flow of nature, along with a little digital manipulation, reveals delightful chaos in the dark in this botanical fantasy. The delicacy of dried orchid blossoms conjures up gossamer wings flitting in the night. The bond between humans and other life forms is simple, instinctive, and sometimes whimsical.

In general, my work consists of capturing photographs as source material, then reworking the imagery into semi-abstract/abstract compositions with imaginative and aesthetic results. The “Fairies” here are abstract in their positioning and intention. Even when the result is more abstract than this, I value a grounded starting point in common reality. Here, as orchid blossoms fell after blooming, they revealed their still-beautiful forms as they dried.

This series contains three individual images plus a handmade book in two sizes.
Books printed on kozo: 70 gsm for the small books and 110 gsm for the large books.
2024. Handmade book in two sizes:
Small 6.25 x 5 inches (16 x 12.5 cm) page size. Edition 10.
Large 15 x 12 inches (38 x 30.5 cm) page size. Edition 10.
Three individual prints (1017, 1068, 1018). Size variable. Edition 10.