Landscape Fragments

Landscape Fragments takes the form of a traditional Tibetan book with unbound, horizontal leaves, allowing each page to be seen separately. There is no sequence and images are not identified by location. Each triptych is an object of contemplation much like Chinese dream stones (pierres de réve), thin slices of stone with natural markings. In viewing them one experiences the world their veining suggests.

The fragmentary character of these images is crucial to their meaning. The flow of land forms is a metaphor for the flow of time. Interruption between frames expresses the discontinuity we experience as we move through our lives. The small size of the prints indicates our limited view of natural world, and its remoteness. At the same time, the size draws the viewer in. Each triptych reveals part of a view, allowing the fragments to be completed by the viewer.


Unbound book with a letterpress title page, and wood covers with ribbon tie. Iris prints on heavyweight Somerset Velvet paper. Made from scans of unique Polaroid transfer prints. Iris prints made at Urban Digital Color, San Francisco. Letterpress by One Heart Press, San Francisco. 1997

Contains 24 triptych images. Page size is 7 x 16 inches (18 x 19 cm). Edition: 10 books + 2 AP + 1 PP.

The unique, original, Polaroid transfer prints are also available. Triptychs in three-window mats. Some framed.