World of Form

How do we identify ourselves? In our daily lives we do so in relation to home and city, to people around us, to work and other activities, to news and entertainment media. We try to capture experience with language.

Often we refuse to look if the language of description fails us. The natural landscape gives us a nonverbal description—it draws attention to what is and away from language-based ideas. The world of form (nature) is real. Our consciousness is real. Both are indescribable. Starting with a carefully chosen perspective in the landscape, I use form and color to compose a personal vision of the living earth—animated from within just as we are.

Historically, landscape has had an important influence on culture. Today it is increasingly hidden behind a veil of words. In World of Form I try to open the veil and call attention to what exists. Each image can be a vehicle for quiet reflection.


Edition limited to 20 prints of each image, 12 x 34 inches wide.
Printed on Somerset Velvet paper