PATH Scroll


Presented in a traditional scroll form, PATH reminds viewers to notice the ordinary. It shows a path of roses — not uncommon, but not as simple as it seems. It begins with luscious red petals and ambles through rose petals of every description. Although the path seems to indicate a course, it has no boundaries. Surprises (fuchsias and camellias) appear in moderation. The single bloom at the end of the scroll gives a glimpse into a different space.

The scroll was inspired by my Relic Series. Those images display blossoms from my garden as objects remaining from the past — remnants of nature preserved so we can continue to experience their presence. Both projects were created by placing the flowers on a flatbed scanner. The visual world manifests directly.


Size of scroll is 10 x 84 inches (25 x 213 cm). Wooden box is 12 x 3 x 3″. Pigment print on Enhanced Matte paper, with mulberry paper end pieces. Limited edition of ten scrolls + 3 AP. 2005