Strangeness of Seeing

These densely textured manifestations of nature are about the meaning of detail, both clear and obscured. An intimacy evolves when examining the forms and circumstances of plant life — an experience common to people everywhere. Colors, however, are seen differently by individual persons. Colors also receive symbolic attributes that differ from one culture to another.

Following the primary photographic actions of flattening three dimensions and stopping time, alterations are made to color, tone, and contrast for each image. The selective focus and/or movement of the original is retained, giving some images the energy of expressionism, and others a serene feeling.

Although these images are somewhat recognizable, the tight compositions hover at the border between representation and abstraction. The overall flatness and unfamiliar color reduce the familiar connection of dimension. These interpretations approach a visually dimensionless state.

In the general sense of abstracting through tonal alteration, this is a continuation of two previous series: Nothing, in the World (2014) and Zone of Transformation (2015). However, Strangeness of Seeing maintains the familiar orientation of each image, so they are more identifiable, as a means to focus on detail.


Ed 5 + 2 AP. Size variable. Printed on Hahnemühle Rice Paper. 

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