Then Is Nowhere Now

The past only remains in memory, whether personal or collective. In what way does it exist now? As I sorted through fragments of unrealized projects, I found images that shared a common aura of non-reality: a group of vertical images intended as doors to mysterious places, a takeoff on Robert Irwin’s minimalism and related manipulations, snapshots and family mementos, a study of a dead pet, big band photos from before the war, scenery that was unreal even when I was there. And running through it all, water: still, seeping, flowing, falling, erasing cares and follies from memory.

These images had come to me in various ways over many years and they combined themselves into this reminiscence. They flowed together and then away.


24-page book, saddle stitched, commercially printed. Edition of 200. 9 by 6 inches (23 x 15 cm). 2007
Cover image shows personal offerings at Mother Shipton’s Well, Yorkshire