Web of Uncertainty


Web of Uncertainty is a history of the present compiled via the Sebaldian method of investigating threads in the environment. The sequence of images forms a characterization of a point of time much like fiction with minimal narrative. Compression of distance leaves little space to wander. One is forced to look directly at the known and the unknown. 

One afternoon in 2009 I found myself surrounded by abandoned buildings. I peered into windows covered with overgrowth and decay. I saw seemingly inert walls that held a fullness ready to explode. I approached dark doorways ready to devour whoever entered. My usual fluidity of movement was thwarted by barriers of grids. As I began to photograph these scenes I noticed a uniform composition in my surroundings. Natural and constructed merged on the old structures. Energy and matter seemed to move freely within the viewfinder. The camera captured images packed with meticulous detail—more than I could see immediately but not more than one can see with the time to examine a print. I continued my search within this web of interconnections outside my comprehension. 

Upon reviewing my initial group of images I realized my true subject was uncertainty. 

Walls of dense natural growth blocked the way. Aged surfaces hid inner workings. Through the lens, I investigated lines leading to and from these scenes as well as layers of transparency, shadow, and reflection. Incomplete edges and even dust amplified the ambiguity I encountered. Faced with portals to emptiness and windows with no view I saw no way out. The resulting series offers little figure or ground and no identifiable place or time. Anonymous marks of the process of life inhabit these rectangles on the paper. The Web of Uncertainty depicts waymarks I encountered in searching for a larger and deeper view.


Edition: 8 @ 17 x 22 inches + 5 @ 24 x 36 inches + 2 AP. 2009-2014 

All 59 images in the series are available 17 x 22 inches, edition of 8.
The 34 images listed here are available at 24 x 36 inches (61 x 76 cm), edition of 5. (1646, 1765, 1766, 1582, 0907, 0408, 0921, 0345, 0403, 0502, 0485, 1263, 3706, 1132, 0719, 0766, 0160, 0503, 0521, 0850, 0439, 0793, 2280, 0669, 1442, 0718, 0788, 1142, 0004, 1154, 1420, 1148, 0522, 0584) 

Note: This work was done over several years using various cameras with different aspect ratios and resolutions. Therefore, sizes are irregular.  

A print on demand book is available at Magcloud.com at: www.magcloud.com/browse/magazine/371349 


Smaller, mounted prints are available for display only. Here is the installation of the complete series on a wall 28 feet wide. 


Web of Uncertainty installation

Web of Uncertainty installation