These abstracted images reveal the intrinsic qualities of nature in the Mojave Desert landscape. But they operate in a liminal environment where identity can be difficult to ascribe, in the transition zone between depiction and abstraction. Maneuvering on the edge of ambiguity can uncover the essence of what’s pictured. The images evoke deep time by contemplating the life of rocks, trees, etc. By relinquishing habits of thought about nature the viewer can make space to connect with the world in a new way.

The series of 50 images was produced in 2015 at the Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency. The book was self-published through Datz Press in Seoul in 2017.

Ten copies are presented as a Special Edition with custom slipcase and one print of your choice from the five below (each printed in an edition of two on 100% cotton paper).

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Zone of Transformation: Nature in the High Desert
Photographs by Irene Imfeld
ISBN 978-89-97605-24-8

Published by Irene Imfeld, Oakland, CA, 2017
Hardcover, 64 pages, 50 color photographs, 7.25 in w x 9 in h
Limited Edition: 300 signed and numbered books

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